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How to Use the Concrete Pump?

Sep. 02, 2020

Concrete Conveying Pump is a kind of concrete conveying equipment commonly used by many construction units at present. Because of its energy saving and high efficiency, it is welcomed by the majority of construction parties. However, if you want to ensure the normal progress of construction, you must pay attention to concrete during construction. The use of the pump, so how to use the concrete pump?

Concrete Convey Pump

Concrete Convey Pump

Experts pointed out: During the construction process, the main points of the concrete pump truck can refer to the use of concrete pumps. Operators of concrete pump trucks usually need to undergo professional training before they can work. At the same time, the concrete pumped should meet the pumpability requirements of concrete pump trucks. Specifically, the main points of the concrete pump can be used from the following aspects.

1. Placement method

When the concrete convey pump is not under construction, the whole machine should be placed horizontally. The maximum allowable tilt angle is 30, because a larger horizontal tilt angle will overload the steering gear of the fabric. At the same time, the stability of the machine will be jeopardized, if one of the legs or several legs of the boom moves off the ground. It is necessary to reset the outriggers until all the outriggers can always be reliably supported on the ground.

2. Adjustment of boom

In order to ensure that the pumping work of the placing boom is in the best condition, the following points should be done: 1. Lift the 1 section arm by 45 degrees; 2. Rotate the placing boom by 180 degrees; 3. Extend the 2 section arms by 90 degrees; 4. Extend the 3, 4, and 5 sections of the arms to a horizontal position; if the last section of the boom can be in a horizontal position, the pumping state is the most ideal.

3. Adjustment of pumping status

If the position of the placing boom in the last section is horizontal, the flow rate of concrete will slow down. This can reduce the wear of the conveying pipe and the end hose. When the pumping stops, only the concrete in the end hose will flow out. If the last section of the placing boom is inclined downwards, the concrete in this part of the pipeline will accelerate its flow under its own weight. So that the concrete in the pipeline will continue to flow out when the pumping stops.

4. Key points for stopping pumping

When the pumping stops for more than 5 minutes, the concrete in the end hose must be discharged, otherwise the concrete in the end hose will be dehydrated. When pumping again, the concrete will be violently sprayed and sprayed everywhere, so that the end hose is easily damaged.

The concrete pump is the most commonly used concrete conveying tool in the current construction. How to use the concrete pump in the construction? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users have already understood this problem. We are a concrete convey pump supplier. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.